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Iceland pre wedding


Iceland pre wedding//


 It is said that however the new year finds you that is how your whole year will go. Therefore we could not help but wish it be really true since our first day of 2017 dawned on us in enchanting Iceland.

We travelled there to meet a wonderful couple, Spike and Jaqueline, and to schedule their Iceland pre wedding photo session. We have travelled several times for photo shoots to Iceland lately (you can see some other awesome love stories here and here ) it is surely however a destination that you will never say you have had enough of. The utmost beauty of the landscape, the wild nature and the wonderful people always make you depart from there seeking the next time!

It was only a few days prior the change of the New Year when Spike and Jaqueline contacted us and asked to meet us in Iceland to carry out their pre wedding photo shoot. Despite our experience from this country we knew that this time would be a challenge. We had just a few days to prepare for the trip and for the shooting and it was also the first time that we were to visit Iceland in the heart of winter.

This itself is able to trouble you. If anyone has visited Iceland he will surely know that the weather is unpredictable. Whatever applies to the moment we are speaking is not at all sure for five minutes later! Furthermore, during this period of the year the arctic day is the shortest of the year, something less than four hours. Less than four hours to travel long distances and to hold a shooting this is surely a challenge.

A few days before landing there for our shooting , the forecast predicted that there was going to be truly bad weather, with high chances of big snowstorms and surely polar temperatures.
The truth is that after four flights and quite a bit hardship due to the bad weather we landed on a snow-white country. This excited me and Katerina because we both love snow. And we were excited with the prospect of having a shooting in the snow covered landscape! This of course was to change as after 24 hours of rain, we had no snow on the day of the shooting! I think that I have already mentioned how unpredictable the weather of Iceland is!

Finally the big day arrived and it was an exciting adventure for all of us. We set out for our first destination before dawn. We spent our short in length day driving from destination to destination and accomplishing very small sessions in between! We also took a break for a fantastically tasty hot soup with lamb to get warm as the temperature surpassed -15 degrees during the shooting. In order to reach our third and final destination we had a race to catch the now scarce sunlight!

In conclusion, due to the conditions it was possibly the shortest destination photo shooting we had ever done! It was an exciting adventure for us all. Spike and Jaqueline hide a big love story behind them and this is something obvious in the pictures that follow. Above all they were totally acceptive to this adventure. They disregarded the cold , the strong winds and all the oppositions of our common experience, which we all relished to the maximum!
These common experiences are the ones that create bonds amongst people and this is what makes our work as wedding photographers so exciting!

And now, let the images of Spike & Jaqueline take the stage!


Her awesome make up: Katerina Floka

Iceland pre wedding in the heart of the winter

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