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Akis Kat


Writing a few words about yourself seems something truly difficult. Besides, the best way to get known someone is the personal contact and personal relationship, which is built step by step over time. But let’s do a start!

We are Akis and Katerina, passionate photographers and partners in life as well. (Katerina is also a very talented make up artist, you can see her portfolio here!) Met in Germany where we grew up but we live in Santorini and Crete in the last almost twenty years. We love all things stylish and looking for every single pretty detail that makes things look in a better way. We are perfectionists in what we do but also enjoyers of life in the simplest way.

Positive thinking, an optimist view of things and humor we believe can bring out the best from everyday life. We enjoy good company of family and friends.

Daily inspiration for us is our two beautiful daughters, good music and the blue color of Mediterranean Sea!

Last but not least!

There are many different ways to describe our work and our style but we believe many times it is just better to let your work speak for you and who you really are.

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